Khichadi & Cleanse Kits




(Rice, Split Yellow Mung Beans + Bag of Spices)

Earth Kosher Certified USDA Organic Certfied Made in The USA
Kosher Organic Made
in USA

7 oz (198 g)

  • An authentic Indian rice dish made with long grain rice, split yellow Mung Beans (Mung Dahl) and aromatic herbs and spices.
  • 100% Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan and Preservative Free. Each Pack provides 2-3 servings.

Khichadi (pronounced as kit-ch-dee), is widely considered India's most traditional comfort and healing food. It is easy on the stomach, nutritious and a complete balanced meal. From Ayurvedic perspective, it is considered the core of Ayurvedic nutritional healing. Cooks in less than 30 minutes.


Organic Long Grain Rice, Organic Split Yellow Mung Beans and Spice Blend (Organic Coriander, Organic Cumin, Sea Salt, Organic Turmeric, Organic Mustard and Organic Fennel)

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